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Printing Methods

Flat Printing

Sometimes called digital printing, flat printing is done in-house with our high-end ink jet printer.  While we prefer the old-school method of letterpress printing, we utilize flat printing frequently in our shop, especially when reproducing our custom watercolor renderings or for variable data runs such as guest names and addresses.

White Ink Printing

White ink printing is exactly what it sounds like: flat printing with white ink.  We outsource this process to a shop that is properly outfitted with the right equipment.  White ink printing looks especially snazzy on a dark cardstock or envelopes.  Using it on one statement piece can really make your suite pop!

Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing is by far our favorite (but most time consuming & labor intensive) printing method.  It is done in-house on one of our two vintage printing presses.  In a nutshell, letterpress printing is the process of physically pressing type and ink into paper, creating a debossed effect that you can both see and feel.  It gives a tactile elegance to your suite that no other printing method can replicate.  The process begins by having the digital design made into a semi-rigid photopolymer plate that is placed into a century old printing press.  Ink for the press is mixed by hand using the Pantone color system of measurement as reference, and each color of ink within the design requires its own separate setup and run on the press.  Each piece of cotton paper is hand fed into the press one at a time, and the pressure of the press creates an impression.  Letterpress stationery is an art form in and of itself, not to mention a labor of love. Due to the individualized nature of letterpress printing, there will be slight variations in ink color, coverage, and impression between pieces even within the same run, but this just adds to the hand crafted charm of what is sure to become an heirloom stationery suite.


Photo courtesy Amy Shuman Photography

Foil Printing

Foil printing is similar to letterpress printing, but with the addition of heat and metallic foil that will literally make your invitations shine!  We outsource our foil printing to a local Sacramento printer who has the right equipment to get the job done right.

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